Seidio DILEX HTC One M8 case reviewLast month we announced that you could win one of ten Seidio DILEX cases just by showing us something you’ve done with your HTC One M8. We had many entries, but there could only be ten winners.

In the ensuing month the DILEX became my case of choice, partly due to baby taking my other case and turning it into a toy, but also partly because it’s a really good case.

Anyway, on to the winners:

  • Roh
  • Stan McCrea
  • RockinRose Wolf
  • Deslok****
  • Robert
  • Melissa {Persnickety Plates}
  • Luis Berrios
  • Jesse Henderson****
  • talon_dgnr8
  • Timothy Beaudoin

If your name has stars next to it this means something weird happened with our new comments system, and it didn’t give me the info I need to email you. Why this happened, don’t know. What you can do is post something here on this contest announcement and it should grab the email addresses from your comment and put it where I can see it. If it doesn’t, please contact us.

All winners (except those with stars next to them) should check their spam folders and inboxes, as you’ll be receiving information on who will be contacting you and what info to give them to receive your cases.

After you’ve played around with the cases, feel free to come back and drop us a note in our Seidio DILEX review and let us know your thoughts.

All but two of you should have an email waiting in your inbox or spam folder from me detailing what’s going to happen next. If you don’t see it, drop a line here.