Sonic Open Kang ProjectLast week the Sonic Open Kang Project brought a highly customized CyanogenMod 11/Android 4.4.2 port to the HTC EVO 4G LTE, with a list of features that spans several pages.

Besides the CM 11 features many of us are familiar with, the developers have included a network traffic meter, tap to sleep options, breathing SMS notifications, CRT animations, locl screen themes for rings and elements, phone encryption, lock screen notification access, power menu, torch, Halo, Chameleon OS’s Active Display, PIE controls, LCD density changer, wake lock block, app permission options, advanced kernel tweaker, per-app DPI, Omni Dual Split Screen, Cast Screen, Sony Xperia Z2 applications, and a ton more.

There are also several multimedia mods that I’m not familiar with from the Xperia line that are included. In fact, the only thing missing with this ROM that I can think of that I’d like is the Sense Camera, but that most likely isn’t ever going to happen with any AOSP ROM.

The Sonic Open Kang Project requires you have the new partition format from the Android 4.3 update that HTC released, yanked, and now requires you to ask a technician for. So if you’ve held off biting the bullet waiting for the official official release, it looks like you’re faced with a question of whether you want this badly enough or not.

This ROM just might take the lead for incorporating other ROM elements into it, and has so many that there is a page dedicated to thanking those developers for allowing them to cherry pick.

If you’re planning on installing this, the usual steps apply: make a nandroid backup before you start, make an offering to the god of the north winds, and flash away. Oh, and let us know how it works for you.