Google Nexus 5 white and black

An unexpected Android update is coming out of Mountain View today, as Google Nexus devices are receiving an OTA update to Android 4.4.4, including factory images available on Google’s Android developer website. Additionally, the changes to 4.4.4 have already been posted to AOSP, and there’s even a changelog.

Unfortunately, the changelog is quite boring, as it only has to do with security fixes, including patching another recently discovered vulnerability in OpenSSL. It appears that Nexus 5 devices are receiving the OTA update over the air first, although we’re also hearing reports that the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 are getting it, as well. The update for the Nexus 5 is only 2.5MB, so it’s really lightweight.

Overall, this isn’t a huge deal, but updates are always nice – especially when they make our mobile devices more secure. More than likely, Google Play Edition devices will also get the same update either later today or early next week, followed by the Moto X and any other device that tends to get updates in a speedy fashion.

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