google-now-wc-hdIt’s time for the World Cup, with the first game starting in just under an hour as of publication. Google, in its mission to organize the world’s information has created a plethora of World Cup tools, including schedules, match information, and more. And of course much of this data is accessible and optimized for Google Now.

To show off all its hard work, Google recently posted some screenshots on its blog, its official Twitter account, and its Google+ page. Cool.

But what’s so significant about this? Google posts this kind of stuff all the time, right?

Take a look at the clock in many of the pictures – it’s set at 5:00 exactly. In the past, right before big Android updates, Google has revealed the version numbers through the system clock that is displayed in screenshots. Google has actually been doing this since Android 2.3, when Google had a bunch of Nexus S promo shots, each displaying a time of 2:30. The Nexus 4 showed 4:00. And so on.

This might mean nothing, or it might mean that Google is skipping Android 4.5 and going straight to Android 5.0 for the next version. What do you think?

Thanks, Nick!