FreedomPop free tablet plan

FreedomPop seems to be giving T-Mobile a run for its money, as it has extended its free mobile service offerings to include tablets. The Sprint MVNO is now offering anyone with a Sprint-compatible tablet access to 500MB of LTE data for free each month. (For its part, T-Mobile is currently offering any tablet owener 200MB of free data per month.)

FreedomPop is allowing customers to bring their own Sprint-compatible LTE-enabled tablets, so Nexus 7 owners like me have another option for free monthly data. The carrier is also selling tablets through its website, too, including the iPad mini in black or white for $319.99 and the Galaxy Tab 3 in black or white for $199.99.

One important distinction between T-Mobile and FreedomPop is that the latter charges overages, while T-Mobile will just cut you off once you reach your free limit. Extra data on the FreedomPop free plan costs $0.02/MB. FreedomPop’s free plan also only include LTE data, while T-Mobile lets you use data on whatever type of network is currently available.

If you need more data, you can upgrade to FreedomPop’s 2GB plan which also includes 3G or $19.99/month, with overages costing $0.015/MB. There is also a 4GB plan for $34.99/month.

Anyone hopping on one of FreedomPop’s new tablet plans?

[FreedomPop via Android Central]