Chrome Family

This morning I went to one of the sites I work on, as someone had left me a message on a post. The post had two YouTube videos embedded, and I’ve been to that site many a time and never had anything odd happen until today. Both videos started auto-playing on their own.

At first I thought the website owner might have kicked on auto play to force the advertising through YouTube to be displayed and didn’t think much about it, other than the page now was horrible to visit of two loud YouTube video playing, and then I posted my Chromecast root method post a few minutes ago and the video started playing automatically. In fact, any of the posts with videos I visit today play automatically in Chrome x64 beta.

But it’s not limited to the PC x64 beta channels, it also seems to be on the Mac side which you can see in the video below which was posted about three hours ago on YouTube:

As a note, if you had to click that video to make it play, you’re not one of those affected. It also doesn’t appear to have made its way to the Android Chrome apps, but if you’re seeing pages playing video without your permission, that seems to be what’s going on today.

Other browsers: no auto play. Yesterday: no auto play for me. I’m currently on 37.0.2062.76 beta-m (64-bit), and I do not know what the person in the video above is on.

If you’ve got the auto-play bug popping up, drop us a note and let us know what version of Chrome you’re running. If you’ve got a fix that doesn’t involve running Internet Explorer feel free to drop a note as well.

 If we get a fix, I’ll get it posted on Pocketables as soon as I’m able