iPhone vs Nexus

Some of you may have seen the recent infographic floating around social media, which posits the new 2014 iPhone 6 against 2012 Nexus 4 (see above). The comparison basically states that Apple has finally caught up with two year old technology, by finally releasing a phone with a larger screen (although slightly lower resolution), and finally supporting NFC, notification actions, widgets, third party keyboards, typing suggestions, cross-app communication, cloud photo backup, and battery stats.

Unfortunately, it appears that some iPhone 6 Plus owners are noticing that their oversized iPhones are more prone to bending, in a new scandal that many are calling “Bendgate” (I personally prefer “Bend-ghazi” … what, too soon?).

iPhone bend

What many people don’t know is, yet again, Android has beaten Apple to the punch by about two years.

Here’s a picture of a 2012 HTC EVO 4G LTE, which was also prone to bending.

We’ve even got Apple beat when it comes to defects. Come on, Apple, catch up!