Coolify for AndroidCoolify is a free app from the creators of One Power Guard that claims to cool your Android device down by applying a series of around eighty documented tweaks (many from here). Whether this works on your device or not will depend on your ROM, root status, and device, but it works on some swimmingly.

If you’re running a custom ROM, chances are you have many of these tweaks already in place.

For those with SuperSU, you can set logging on and take a look at exactly what tweaks it’s applying. For those without root, I don’t think that many of the tweaks will apply, but you will have to try on your device to see.

A cooler device means a slightly longer battery life per charge, and that it’s not annoyingly heating up your hands or ear as you’re using it. I’d say it’s probably a good thing, even if not a magical battery extender.

Some of the tweaks might interfere with system tweaking options, so if you’re dependant on something being at an exact value make sure to check that it’s not been reset (I can’t think of what this might be, but I’m sure someone can). Coolify doesn’t change your CPU or governor settings to accomplish what it does however.

Coolify doesn’t appear to do much other than keep track of the temperature after it’s initialized. It also shows you time segments where the temp went down, but most likely if you sat your phone on a brick of ice it would look as though Coolify were taking credit for the cooling event.

Hardcore root users may also just want to look in their SuperSU logs and apply the settings in an init.d script, rather than having the app put in a ton of possibly useless temp tweaks on your ROM.

If you don’t like the app or it doesn’t work for you, simply uninstall and reboot your phone. You’ll be back to normal.

Should you want to give it a thorough test to see if it’s actually doing anything, you’re going to have to establish some baseline temperatures for various activities beforehand. For me it appears to be the difference between 101F and 94.1F while running benchmarks, unfortunately I don’t have a recorded ambient temperature of the room to see if that factored in in any way.

Download: Google Play