htc-nexus-keyboard-folioHTC’s rumored upcoming Nexus 9 tablet, believed to be released sometime this year in either October or November, will come with an official Google accessory that has never been available with a Nexus tablet before: a keyboard folio case.

And as far as keyboard cases go, this one sticks out from the crowd. While most cases use the back of the keyboard as the cover, this one seems to use the opposite side. That cover is also strange, as it looks to have the same segmented design as Apple’s Smart Covers for the iPad.

The cover will also lock and unlock the tablet automatically, which is nothing new, but the hinge is somewhat unique: One side of the hinge hides a micro USB port, while the opposite side has an LED indicator. Featuring a 450mAh battery, both are used for charging the keyboard.

The keyboard will connect with Bluetooth 4.0, and the case will prop the tablet up either on the segmented cover rolled up like a stand. Based on the dimension of the case, the tablet may also sport a 4:3 aspect ratio, as well.

While Apple has produced keyboard folio cases for the iPad for a while now, this is the first such case for Google. This could indicate that Google has serious plans for the Nexus tablet, especially for enterprise.

Are you excited for this tablet?

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