Lollipop notificationIn Android KitKat, pressing and holding any notification in the notification shade would display a link to the app info page, allowing users to see which app produced it and quickly uninstall it, if desired. This feature has carried over to Android Lollipop, with a bit more functionality.

Now, long pressing a notification will display the app name and icon, along with a link to the app notification settings. This will allow you to select whether or not you want to block all notifications from this app, along with setting the app as a priority app so that you can still see notifications when you don’t want to be interrupted by less important apps.

You can also set it as a sensitive app, which means that when the device is locked, content from this app won’t be displayed in the notifications.

All in all, this functionality in Android Lollipop feels more responsive, intuitive, and polished than it did in Android KitKat. I give it two thumbs up!