Question Ball from Pixabay - no attribution required, however it's free at pixabay and it's awesomeHi, my name is Paul and I’ve been writing for Pocketables since GoodAndEVO was merged with it, and with GoodAndEVO for a couple of years before that (Feb 2011 was my first attributed piece.) As you may have guessed by the “ask me anything” post being moved over here from the forums, I have no ideas for an article this morning have decided it’s finally time to answer your deepest darkest questions about Pocketables, what we do, etc. Or maybe not.

Maybe you just have a question about your phone, the death of root in Android 5 (not really, overhyped again,) Tasker, computers, media production companies in Middle Tennessee, babies, landlording, a question about your computer, real estate, improvisational comedy, or cooking the perfect pizza. Perhaps you just want to offer direction for the site or suggest something you’d like to see.

Since our forums haven’t really encouraged interaction (I think we missed the boat getting them up post-G&E,) I thought posting something like this here might be interesting.

Or perhaps it will be terrible and the post will go down in flames and I’ll have to delete comments left and right eventually quitting Pocketables in shame at the horrible idea.

So that it’s, ask anything, suggest anything, keep in mind the other authors are probably not here today so I’m running willy nilly with scissors at Pocketables, probably writing up something that’s not an “ask me anything” type of post, and woefully undercaffeinated at the moment.