chrome-logoGoogle has officially added four more Android apps to the Chrome Web Store, bringing the grand total to eleven. The new apps are:

  • Clarisketch, which allows users to take screenshots and annotate them or add narations.
  • Lensoo Create, a virtual whiteboard app that also features voice recording capabilities.
  • Web2Go, which describes itself as “an innovative news app that lets you listen to your own choice of news websites and magazines.”
  • Remind, which allows students and parents to communicate with each other, without sharing unnecessary personal details.

The seven apps that were already in the Chrome Web Store are CloudMagic, Onefootball, Podcast Addict, Vine, Evernote, Sight Words, and Duolingo.

This is all part of Google’s master plan to bring as many Android apps to the Chrome platform as possible, and make it as quick and easy as possible for developers to port their apps over. Of course, users can already run practically any Android app on Chrome with a little technical know-how and elbow grease, but it’s nice to see Google continue to add apps in an official capacity.

[OMG! Chrome!]