piratebay search

Here’s a funny little tidbit for your hump day: Google is now running an illegal pirate search service, complete with auto-complete, although most likely inadvertently by mistake.

Google’s new pirate search service was first noticed by TorrentFreak, and is the result of recent tweaks to Google’s desktop search service. As of very recently, if you search for a specific website, Google will include a site-search tool directly in your search results (see above). So, if you search for “thepiratebay,” this is what you will find.

This means that Google is now running a pirate search service, which completely goes against its internal policies of not auto-completing search queries that are related to copyright infringement.

Additionally, this isn’t unique to The Pirate Bay, as other illegal torrent sites are included, too.

It’s probably only a matter of time until Google corrects this, but it’s funny nonetheless. And according to TorrentFreak, The Pirate Bay is already working on adding direct support for this new feature into its own site, so that searches go directly to The Pirate Bay instead of showing Google results. Ha!