In a few seconds, minutes, hours, or sometime today Google will be announcing the name of the next Android operating system. Before they do, they’ve dropped a short video about what it could possibly be called.

While there are plenty of hints there, and John thinks it’s going to be codenamed Lollipop, I’m hoping for something that bucks the trend of snack-food related names such as “locked door,” “lefthanded extra,” or “go to L.” They could also just pull a Microsoft and skip L for M.

With the name announcement the code should be released and the manufacturers will have their crack at the official non-preview versions of Android 5.0. If HTC (who we cover quite a bit) isn’t fibbing about its 90-day guarantee, users of most newer HTC products could see this in the middle of January as long as the carriers cooperate.

What do you think the L is going to be?