Lumsing speaker in the rainAs a reminder, today is the last full day you can enter to win a Lumsing Bluetooth Speaker. I’ll be picking names and posting an announcement sometime on Friday of who the winners are and/or who needs to contact me because they didn’t provide the proper information in their Disqus profile.

The contest is here, and a quick review of the speakers is here. One thing to note from the review is technically they are not “waterproof,” and only the Amazon product listing calls them that. They’re water resistant, which means anything short of a bath they should survive.

So head on over to the contest thread, post what you’ll blast on them, and sometime Friday I’ll be announcing the winners.

Bonus points (which really don’t count for anything) for posting videos of the artist or band of the next concert I’m heading to in Nashville, although you’d have to guess who I listen to based on previous articles, and you won’t really increase your chances of winning because, while I love pandering, you’re going into a randomized Excel spreadsheet and will be picked by a baby.

Good luck!