iOS 8.1.1I don’t write about much to do with Apple. I’ve got an iPad 2 and an iPod and some miscellaneous gadgetry from the days gone by, but I do support it quite a bit in my day job. And since iOS 8, I’ve been supporting it pretty much non-stop.

Apple made the mistake with iOS 8 of releasing a software that really had not been tested thoroughly on some of its older devices. iPad 2 and iPhone 4s users felt the brunt of the performance issues as games and apps that previously worked fine now took several seconds for a button to press and depress.

I generally stay away from Apple updates until the last possible moment when I’m at last forced to update, but I’d lept off of the 7 train into uncharted and heretofore unrooted iOS territory a while back as I was required to support iOS 8 in a job capacity. It was a mistake. Even rooted iOS 8 on an iPad 2 was sad.

Yesterday iOS 8.1.1 was released and I jumped on it. It fixes most of what I can tell that they broke with iOS 8. and of course patches root exploits so no jailbreaking for a while.

Besides Apple’s hopes to bring the 4S and iPad 2 back to life the update fixes some battery life and Bluetooth/WiFi issues. I can’t find any reports on having to tap the screen multiple times to get it to register, but I also don’t have a device that seemed to be affected by that particular bug.

While I still despise running a non-jailbroken device on general principle, at least 8.1.1 runs mostly like it should, and maybe with the enhancements that iOS 8+ is supposed to have brought I’ll be able to get a non-root version of a program like f.lux so I can look at the iPad at night without being wired at bedtime, which is why I got into jailbreaking iOS in the first place.