Chromecast deal

If you are one who loves deals, then there has possibly never been a better time to buy a Chromecast than right now. That’s because there are three awesome deals that Google is letting new Chromecast owners stack – and if these are things you would have spent the money on anyway, your Chromecast will essentially be better than free.

While the price of the Chromecast is around $35 depending on the retailer (it’s usually a little cheaper on Amazon, with free shipping and no tax), you will also get:

  • A Google Play Store credit worth $20
  • 2 months of Hulu Plus for free, worth $15.98
  • 3 months of Google Play Music All Access for free, worth $29.97

If you’re keeping track at home, that is $65.95 worth of savings. Subtract the price of the Chromecast, and you’re still over $30 ahead.

There are some stipulations, of course – the Hulu Plus and Google Play Music All Access are only for brand new subscribers. The Play Store credit is for everyone, even if you purchase from Best Buy or Amazon, but that can’t be used on hardware, only on digital purchases. In any case, it’s still a great deal – and it was enough for me to finally get one more Chromecast to for my kitchen TV. Now, every single TV in my house is connected!