Nexus 9 with keyboard

Bad news for Nexus fans hoping to score an LTE-enabled Nexus by HTC for use on T-Mobile’s LTE network: the tablet has been delayed indefinitely, and no one seems to know quite what’s going on. This is according to an internal memo that was leaked earlier today:

Update: The launch of the Google Nexus 9 has been postponed. This article will be updated with the launch date once it is confirmed.

T-Mobile will launch the Google Nexus 9 on a date to be determined, which will be available on the web or through Ship-to (Direct Fulfillment) in HSO. This HTC device features a beautiful 8.9″ screen and a 64-bit 2.3GHz dual processor.

T-Mobile planned to launch the tablet first on its Underground enthusiast site sometime in the first half of this month, and then advertise to a wider audience. Unfortunately, it’s looking less and less likely that the tablet will arrive before Christmas, although anything is possible.

Were any of you planning to pick this up on T-Mobile? Are you disappointed that it will be delayed?