Nexus 9 keyboard

If you’re looking for a good deal on the official keyboard folio case for the Google Nexus 9 by HTC, you may want to keep an eye on Amazon. The retail giant recently discounted the accessory down to $87.94, which is $42.05 off its normal asking price of $129.99.

Amazon made the price cut after Cyber Monday, with no formal announcement or fanfare. In fact, I only noticed it because I’ve been keeping an eye on the case every day in the hopes of it going on sale. Granted, $87.94 seems like a really weird number, and it made me suspicious that it could have been a third party seller selling a cheap knock off, but upon further investigation, I found out it was legit.

Currently the case is listed for $124.92, which still isn’t a bad price – it’s only $5 off, of course, but when you factor in free shipping and no tax in most areas, it’s a big savings from what the Google Play Store will expect you to pay. In any case, it might be worthwhile keeping an eye on this listing, just in case it jumps down again.