Kernel module cogsThe updates have dropped into developer hands and the first to get out the gate with a working Sense 6 / Android 5 ROM appears to be SkyDragon. This update comes based on the developer edition which started receiving the updates last night and it works on most variants that don’t use CDMA.

So Sprint and Verizon are currently out of luck.

The ROM itself clocks in at 1.5GB and requires that you additionally update your firmware to a 5.0 base. If you’re on a Google Play Edition ROM which required you to update firmware to use it, it appears that will work based on comments 300+ pages into the thread.

As I’m on Sprint, I’m not able to do anything with this at the moment.

If you’ve been left out of the ROM development goodness due to your CDMA carrier, don’t despair, there’ll be versions for it shortly. Well, most likely. Generally this isn’t something that takes a huge amount of time.

Alternately my Google-Fu may be weak and a CDMA variant already exists. If so feel free to drop a line and point me to the right one.

In the meantime, if you’re not on Sprint/VZW and want to get Sense 6/Android 5 running right freakin’ now, head on over to the linked thread below and make sure to read the first few posts and check out the newest pages for anything that might be important to your interests.