Amazon Feb 2015 dealsMy guess is this runs through the weekend, but when you click details there are none other than a very impressive list of apps you can download for free at the moment from the Amazon Appstore.

There are 37 apps available for download at the moment, of which 18 are new to the Amazon FAotD program, or I managed to miss them the first time around.

Some of the highlights include Trivia Crack (I’m assuming, I see people talking about this game quite a bit) OfficeSuite Pro, the original Doodle Jump, Cut the Rope: Experiments, Sleep as Android, and Runtastic Pro.

It should be noted for those who don’t wish to tread the Amazon Appstore ecosystem that you can purchase these, tie them to your account, and use them at a later date.

You can purchase these fairly quickly by going to the link below, pressing the center mouse button on each “free” button. This will open the page in a new window. Then just go to the last new window, purchase, close the window, you can generally do about 20 a minute that way.