gophone logoAs the wireless pricing wars continue, driven in large part by T-Mobile’s aggressive Uncarrier moves, AT&T announced earlier today that it is upping the data limits on its popular monthly Go Phone plans, and will even throw in free calling to Mexico on its $60 plan.

New and existing Go Phone customers who pay $45 per month used to get 1GB of high speed data but will now receive 1.5GB. Likewise, those who pay $60 per month used to 2.5GB of high speed data but are now getting 4GB. This is an increase of almost 50%.

In addition to the increase of data, and free unlimited calling to Mexico on the $60 plan, all of these plans include unlimited throttled data, unlimited talk, unlimited messaging (including to over 100 international destinations), and mobile hotspot capabilities.

Is this enough to get you to give AT&T a second look? Let us know in the comments below!