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It’s not often Google will give away free storage for Google Drive, over and above the 15GB it gives to everyone. So if you’re pushing up against that limit and want an extra 2GB of extra space for free, you want to act now. Just from today through February 17, if you review your security settings for your Google account, Google will bump up your free storage in your Google Drive account – all for doing something that you should be doing anyway.

As Google says, it won’t take long (only a few minutes), and there are lots of benefits:

  • Ensures your account recovery information is current
    If we detect suspicious activity in your account, we use your recovery info to get in touch and make sure no one but you gains access.
  • Lets you review recent sign-in activity
    Reviewing this lets you validate the sign-ins are coming from you and not someone who shouldn’t be using your credentials.
  • Confirms the apps and devices that access some account information
    This step lets you monitor this list and remove apps and devices that don’t need access to your account any more.

Unfortunately, Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Education are not eligible for the bonus storage. If you’ve got a personal account, though, the storage will be added to your account around February 28.