Hangouts DialerIn a relatively recent development, Hangouts phone calls now sound like actual phone calls when ringing. In other words, when dialing a number using the Hangouts Dialer on Android, or when calling a traditional phone number using Hangouts on the web, you will actually hear real rings, just as if you were using an actual phone. Previously, Hangouts would play a silly Hangouts tune until the other party picked up.

While this is a seemingly small change that won’t make a difference to most people, I wonder if this is the first step toward Google launching its own mobile phone service that will rely heavily on VOIP/WiFi calls. Indeed, this small and simple change has the affect of making Hangouts seem like a real phone service, and not something that was thrown together at the last minute. Simply put, it makes Hangouts seem like a more legit phone solution that might actually be able to replace traditional mobile phone service.

Hopefully we will know more soon, as Google is said to be nearing the launch of this service at any time. Personally, I can’t wait.