Tomorrow morning, start hitting “check for updates” on your HTC One M7! Mo Versi (VP, Product Management at HTC) tweeted twelve minutes ago that they’ve received TA on L and will start OTA tomorrow. (You’re getting the new software.)

In other words, it should be downloadable starting tomorrow unless your carrier is having an issue with it.

The update comes (if it does) four days after it was scheduled, which is a little over one day per month that they’ve been working on it off. Or they missed their deadline by 4%. I’m reminded of the phrase that it’s good enough for horseshoes or hand grenades, however it does beg the question if it’s good enough for the litigious who are looking to make HTC pay for their failed marketing Advantage guarantee.

If you get it on your M7 let us know how it works, or doesn’t work for you. I’m contemplating updating my wife’s M7 tomorrow, however I’m not feeling like being beaten if her phone becomes even worse than it is right now (pinkout, battery death at 20%).

Once again M8 users, everyone is getting it except you. I kid, expect it shortly.

Have fun, and please let us know how it works!