If you have the HTC One M8 on Sprint, start hitting that update button – Android 5.0.2 is rolling out right now for the device.

According to the official Sprint support site, the update actually started rolling out on April 9, but many users have not gotten the update notification until today. It brings the software version number up to 4.25.651.14, and it should bring with it a wealth of bug fixes, although Sprint only mentions “Wi-Fi Calling enhancements” in the official changelog.

The normal warnings apply here: Don’t accept the update if you’re rooted, as you’ll probably lose root and/or break something. Wait for the developer of your favorite ROM to update. If the update still doesn’t show up for you, be patient – these things are staggered.

And, as always, let us know if you notice any additional features or enhancements. Alternately, if this introduces new bugs, we’d like to know that, as well.

[Sprint] Thanks, Howard!