lollipopThe wait for Android 5.1.1 is over, as it has started rolling out to Nexus devices today, and the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) has been updated with code for 5.1.1.

Currently, only the factory image for the Nexus Player has been posted to the official Nexus Factory Images page, with its build being updated to LMY47V. Other Nexus devices are still sitting at 5.1 (or, in the case of the Nexus 9, 5.0.1), although this is expected to change soon. No reports of OTA updates have started yet, but again, this should happen sooner rather than later.

We also aren’t quite sure of all the changes and updates coming with Android 5.1.1, but many hope that the infamous memory leak bug that has plagued some users will finally be patched. Additionally, there is hope that WiFi calling will finally be enabled on the Google Nexus 6 by Motorola for T-Mobile customers – the company has hinted that this should be right around the corner.

What other features are you hoping to see from Android 5.1.1?

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