HTC Print StudioIn its continual quest to move all the things to the Play Store, HTC this week has released three more of its core apps to Google Play. These are: HTC Calendar, HTC Print Studio, and HTC Speak.

HTC Calendar hasn’t changed much from its previous iterations, as it still maintains its same look and feel and all of its previous functionality. HTC Print Studio, however, is new: This app allows users to create photo books and cards, and turn these digital items into physical prints via HTC’s partnership with Pinhole Press. Finally, HTC Speak duplicates a lot of the same functionality of Google Now, with a few twists: This app allows users to do normal things like place phone calls, play music, and start navigation, but it also allows for taking pictures, and more.

It’s important to note that the release of these apps on the Google Play Store doesn’t mean that they are free to install on any device – they are still just for HTC’s flagships, and in the case of HTC Speak, it’s only available for the HTC One M9, not the One M7 or One M8. Moving to the Play Store simply allows HTC to get app updates out faster, as it won’t have to wait for full system updates to be approved any longer.

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