Nexus 6

For T-Mobile customers with a Google Nexus 6 by Motorola who have been waiting patiently for WiFi calling to come to after months of promises and missed deadlines, the wait may soon be over.

Last week, Des Smith – T-Mobile’s chief product guru and evangelist – tweeted that the carrier was still working with Google on WiFi calling for the Nexus 6, although a bug had been found. He expected that it would take around 7-10 days for the bug to be fixed, and subsequent testing to occur. Given this timeframe, that means that the update might be ready to go as early as today – a full seven days after he sent that tweet. (Friday would be ten days.)

Customers have been waiting around for this feature for a long time, and many have been asking questions about why it only takes manufacturers a few extra days to add this T-Mobile-exclusive to their various ROMs, while it’s been taking Google literally months. Others have pointed out that the phone will almost be considered a previous-generation device before this feature finally arrives.

In any case, the wait should be over soon. Very soon. And I will welcome the update with open arms.