Deal alert: Get a free T-Mobile LG tablet when you sign up for a data plan for at least $10/month

TMoNews has just uncovered a sweet Father’s Day promotion that will hit T-Mobile retail locations tomorrow. Anyone who buys T-Mobile’s new budget LG G Pad tablet will get it for free, as long as they sign up for a data plan with at least 1GB per month (in other words, any data plan that costs at least $10/month).

Here’s how it works:

It’s a pretty straightforward deal, although it does seem to be a sneaky way to get customers to commit to two years of service without actually holding them down with a contract. In any case, I still think this is worthy of the “deal alert” headline – especially because the “Match Your Data” plan is eligible for this promotion. (In my case, I get 5GB of tablet data per month for only $10, plus this free tablet.)