Fi status

A few weeks ago, Google sent out emails to everyone who had requested a Project Fi invite, but had not yet received one:

We’re excited to share that you can now check the latest status of your Project Fi invite by visiting (be sure you’re signed in).

We’re continuing to send invites as quickly as we can, while we ensure a high-quality experience. We still estimate that it will take until mid-summer to get everyone an invite.

Thanks again for your interest in Project Fi. We’ll get you an invite as soon as we can!

Unfortunately, for quite a few people (me included), clicking on the link to check our status led us to a message that our status was currently unavailable. Gee, thanks Google.

If you were in that boat, and gave up checking everyday because it never changed, you might want to check one more time: Google seems to finally be updating everyone on what their statuses are. This is also the case for several people I know who also could not access their invite statuses.

Personally, Google says that my invite will take 12 or more weeks, which puts me close to the end of the year. That’s fine, since I’m perfectly happy with my T-Mobile postpaid plan.

If you’ve requested a Fi invite, what’s your status looking like?