US Retail Wireless Subscription Market Share

Yesterday we reported that Sprint is now officially the fourth largest wireless carrier in the United States, giving up its long-held position to rival T-Mobile. This is in spite some indications that Sprint’s financial and subscriber losses have been slowing down, while its network continues to improve (albeit incredibly slowly).

Still, what Sprint is doing now is apparently not enough. According to a research firm Strategy Analytics, T-Mobile’s incredibly popular Uncarrier moves are likely to keep Sprint in its current fourth place position for the next five years – through 2020.

According to Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, the director of wireless operations strategies at Strategy Analytics:

We have T-Mobile probably pulling ahead of Sprint now, this year … But Sprint’s getting there. They really do need to keep executing and finding out what moves the needle.

A press release stated:

No major shifts are anticipated in market share among the top 4 carriers, as T-Mobile has already surpassed Sprint in terms of total subscribers by mid-2015.

What do you make of this news?

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