CaptureIf there are any European readers of Pocketables out there, we certainly don’t want to leave you out of the excitement: HTC has been busy pushing out the Android 5.1 update to owners of the HTC One M9, including those who own Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, unlocked, and developer editions of the phone – and now the European version can join in the fun, too!

The update brings HTC’s software version up to 2.10.401.1 and weighs in at a very hefty 831.88MB. This means that, like always, it’s probably better to take this OTA over a WiFi connection. Your carrier will thank you.

This time, though, there’s one more interesting item that’s included in the changelog, which we haven’t seen in the US updates yet: “Battery charging time improvement.”

This OTA update was first discovered and posted to Twitter by @LlabTooFeR, thanks to @Rage06: