Now that HTC has finally pushed out the Android 5.1 update, it can start focusing on other aspects of its devices – like those that keep them compliant with Google’s rules on using the open source Android operating system. This includes releasing kernel source code in a timely manner, and today that is just what the Taiwanese manufacturer has done for owners of the HTC One M9 on Sprint and AT&T.

This is obviously very good news for developers, including those who create custom ROMs for the root crowd. Without the source code, it’s much more difficult to create custom ROMs and kernels – and HTC has been notoriously slow about posting kernel source code in the past.

The Sprint and AT&T kernel source code joins that from the unlocked and developer editions of the One M9, although we are still waiting on T-Mobile’s. Given that the T-Mobile OTA and RUU was just released, though, we might be waiting a little while longer.

[HTC via Android Police]