sprint slowdown

If there’s one thing most data intensive cell phone users can agree on, it’s that the promises of a better nationwide network doesn’t seem to be appearing anywhere near the rate that we were expecting. The infrastructure is overloaded where it’s needed, overperforming where it’s not, and generally seems to have been deployed around marketing strategies rather than a needs-based strategy.

Masayoshi Son, the chairman of Sprint is saying that the US networks are not something we should be proud of: “It’s very, very  bad.” Whether he was talking only about Sprint or the entire US cell network in general is a bit unclear, though. Chances are he was poking at everyone while positioning Sprint to be the comeback king.

Masayoshi Son has been dedicating a few hours a day working with Sprint engineers to plan a massive update that will put Sprint in the lead, but then again users of Sprint have heard that before.

We’ll see if a turnaround happens when it happens, but for now this is all more talk from America’s #4 network.