Even though T-Mobile has been doing its Uncarrier thing for two years now, some carriers are just starting to take note. Verizon is the latest to follow in T-Mobile’s footprints and attempt to simply its plans while also doing away with pricey two-year contracts altogether. However, the results – while a step in the right direction – still result in generally higher prices for consumers.

Beginning on August 13, Verizon will no longer offer separate individual and family plans. Instead, it will offer consumers four buckets of data: 1GB for $30/month, 3GB for $45/month, 6GB for $60/month, and 12GB for $80/month. In addition, each device that accesses the data buckets will be charged an access fee: $5 for a wearable, $10 for a tablet or hotspot, and $20 for a smartphone.

All plans will include unlimited nationwide talk and text. For heavy data users, Verizon will offer more expensive plans, as well, but they will not be publicly promoted.