Whatever happened to the Android M Developer Preview 3?

Remember how Google promised that, with the Android M developer preview, we’d actually get three releases before the final release?

Here’s the timeline, which is still on the Android Developers website, in case you want to check it out:

According to this, we should have gotten our third preview release sometime around the end of July. It’s currently August 4. So, what gives?

Other than the fact that Google does what Google wants on Google time, it looks like the Android team at Google just needs a little bit longer to work out all the kinks. According to this post over in the Android M Developer Preview Google+ community:

A quick update on M Developer Preview 3.

We want this to be a near final release to test your apps on, but we need a little more time to get it out to you.
Please be patient and refrain from posting speculations about the release date in the community. We will announce the Preview 3 availability here and on +Android Developers as soon as it’s ready.

So there you have it.

Thanks, Chuck!