HTC One M9 Google Play CreditHTC is really attempting to get you into the HTC ecosystem at the moment by offering $100 in Google Play credit to purchase a carrier unsubsidised HTC One M9 with “UH OH” protection. They’re saying it’s not just a big deal, it’s their biggest deal ever.

In case you’re wondering, an unsubsidised HTC One M9 runs about $649, so HTC’s biggest deal ever is an approximately 15% discount if I did the math right. That is assuming they’re actually paying $1 to $1 for several hundred thousand dollars of Google Play credit, which somehow I think they’re not.

I’m pretty sure based on the daily deals I’ve seen in the past 15% doesn’t come close to being their biggest deal ever, so my guess is they’re looking for people who don’t fact check and aren’t eligible for carrier subsidies to purchase the device.

Not that it’s a bad one mind you, I actually like my HTC One M9, but I wouldn’t purchase a new one at $649 when there are other significantly better phones out there. If this had been about a year ago, sure, now no.

HTC One M9 Biggest Deal EVAR

The phone has to be purchased from HTC’s website, and after that presumably they mail you a redeemable code for Google Play credit. They sort of skip over the steps between buy phone and how one redeems a Google Play credit code.

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