You don't have any devicesSince Monday when I attempted to install Dash I’ve been seeing on every single Google Play application I visit that I don’t have any devices. Considering I’ve got an EVO 3D, EVO 4G, EVO 4G LTE, Nexus 9, B&N Nook Color with Cyanogenmod, a Sony Tablet S, a couple of virtual Android instances, and an HTC One M9 attached to my account this wasn’t right.

Looks like I’m not the only one seeing it though based on emails. But it’s not a universal issue, so not sure what the deal is.

If you go to a Play page and see that you don’t have any devices on Google Play, just click the install button, you’ll see your devices. There doesn’t seem to be a workaround or a fix yet, but I’ll update this if there’s anything you can do.

For now though, treat it as a fake warning message, click install, and be treated to your devices which are fine and intact on Google Play.

You don't have any devices - seems to me I do

Above: see, they’re all there.