roottoolsYou know the drill – Christmas time, shopping time, Shopmageddon, Hanukkah, Commercial Month, etc. is coming and there’re six kajillion gadgets out there for technophiles to drool over.

In my pocket of the internet which is (among other things,) Pocketables, I see a vast collection of internet of everything, connected kid, and slightly better than previous version items.

Nothing particularly stoking my goat in terms of amazement thus far however. Everything seems to be just slightly better, slightly faster, moar megapickles, smaller, better, etc.

What devices do you hope your loved one (or ironic enemy,) will get you when they stumble across your commentary here after a Google Search for “what does x want”?

What interests you in seeing reviewed here? (Although keep in mind, we’re small pickles, the chance that I can get in touch with a PR company for brand X and obtain a review unit before Christmas are somewhat limited).

Or if you’re totally anti commercial mania season, what would least depress you to receive after you’ve told your friends and family to stop it already, you’ve opted out of Christmas spam?

Let us know what would pickle your fancy this year. If I can grab a review unit, I’ll do so.