Battlebaby prepares for battle

It’s 12 degrees out, and post-hospitalized baby prepares to battle 22 seconds of loading into the car for pediatric clearance.

Hey all, quick update that the site isn’t abandoned, just will be on a reduced posting schedule this week due to hospitalization of my youngest daughter and complete tech burnout post-CES at the moment. Mostly the hospitalization thing though.

For the hospitalization part, she’s doing better, home now, CDC is investigating as several other infants have come in this week with the same issues. You can read about it here if you want – tl;dr airway closed, ambulance ride, baby better now after stay at hospital.

During the event I learned that some smartphones can evidently act as blood oxygen detectors (along with pulse detection,) using the camera and LED. Should be noted that for it to work probably depends on your camera being in the same capture spectrum as the app designers. Play with one, post your results.

HTC’s announced the M8 will be getting Android 6.something with the M9 to follow. You can read about that here.

Reading a lot of VR reviews while at the Children’s hospital watching a four month old sleep… my impression of every VR setup I saw at CES was “oh look, an immersive reality that looks like I’m looking down a pair of welder’s glasses to a tiny viewscreen that’s not quite tracking perfectly.” Your experience of course will probably vary.