Balls!Well, Sprint decided to get in on the Verizon balls ad and released one of their own. As par for the course for Sprint they talk about something that neither Verizon nor T-Mobile’s balls advertisement had, and that’s network speed.

So, Sprint’s claiming faster download speeds, but not LTE coverage. *sigh*

Oh, what’s that I hear? T-Mobile with another balls ad actually talking about coverage? Yup.

So the current set of statements is (Verizon) Verizon beats T-Mobile from one to two years ago. (Sprint) Sprint is the fastest if you can locate their new coverage. (T-Mobile) T-Mobile covers almost as many customers as Verizon and has a better LTE signal in buildings.

I imagine there’s a marketing group out there with a graphics department ready to phone in several more of these ads as they look remarkably easy to create.

I really haven’t fact checked T-Mobile’s claims. We got snowed in and I have been shoveling driveways and sledding with toddlers, but it appears that Sprint and Verizon are engaged in attempts to obtain new customers through not telling the whole story or using data taken out of context.

Should you be interested, the balls that started them all:

And T-mobile’s initial ballsy response can be found here