T-mobileIf you thought something was a bit fishy about Verizon’s latest advertisements, you weren’t alone. T-Mobile has stepped in to set the record straight in Pop-Up Video format.

The TL;DW version of this is that the Verizon advertisement is using old data, not an independent study, and otherwise appears to be a blatant misrepresentation.

That said, I’m not the resident T-Mobile fan. Just a fan of not lying in advertising.

To give a quick rundown of the old data being used in the VZW ads compared to modern day T-Mobile:

  • more than doubled its LTE coverage footprint,
  • added 800,000 square miles of LTE coverage,
  • expanded to cover 304 million people in total—98% of the people Verizon covers,
  • rolled out Wideband LTE in 268 total markets for even faster LTE, and
  • launched Extended Range LTE in 300 markets for coverage that goes 2x farther from the tower and works 4x better in buildings than before.

You can grab their full press release here

Which reminds me, they’re once again offering to save Sprint customers, and considering my cell phone didn’t ring when my wife called me from the ambulance taking my baby to the hospital I think it’s time for me to jump ship.