HTC Quietly DyingVenture Beat is reporting on a rumor that Google and HTC have signed a deal for HTC to produce Nexus phones for the next three years.

It’s a rumor, but if true it might help pull HTC out of the slow circle around the drain it’s been on for the past couple of years.

HTC has produced a Nexus device in the past, the Nexus 9, and some of their development phones are quite close to complete Google Stock. I’ve forgotten the name of the developer phones HTC makes, someone feel free to tell me. New medication + antihistamines = my Google Fu is weak.

If HTC sticks to their metal unibody the phones will most likely not support Qi charging, but will have Qualcomm Quick Charge 3 capabilities which should mean they’ll get a full charge by simply traveling back in time to a point where they were on the outlet and changing all of space time around.

Or not. It’s a rumor. We tend to see most of the HTC rumors turn out to be true except that one spread by HTC that they would get Android releases always within 90 days to their flagship phones. What was that called? HTC Upgrade Advantage?

I’m just giving them guff, they did ok, just annoyed there was a promise and no repercussions when they broke it, broke it again, etc.

Oh hey, I did mention this was a rumor.

Thanks to Deslok for sending this in!

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