HTC 10 from @evleaksIf you trust @evleaks, and you should, here are the pictures of the next HTC flagship phone which seems to be dropping the “One,” and “M/A,” portions of the name which is good because it would become a mouthful.

Picture on the right is from @evleaks Twitter feed.

Of course the HTC 10 will probably be dubbed the HTC X for shorthand, and the next logical step is to foil that to (HT) (CX) which will probably get some laughing as this is now the “hate cocks” phone, but maybe nobody will think of that.

According to the @OnLeaks Twitter feed the specs are 5.15″ QHD / SD820 / Adreno 530 / 4GB RAM / 12MP / USB Type-C.

HTC 10

This will forever be known in my heart as the Hate Cocks phone

A screenshot was also posted of an AnTuTu benchmark of 109,936 (the M9 is listed for comparison at 79,965) – but we all know benchmarks don’t really mean that much.

Would be nice if we know if it was QQC2 or QQC3 capable. I’m assuming QQC3 as the difference in chips was minor and why not?

The phone will be out the first Tuesday of sometime with some sort of advertising event surrounding it but that’s probably all speculation.

More words here.

Replace with enthusiasm after stomach bug finishes demon rampage, even though it does appear to be a nice phone.

Hopefully this will get HTC back on track, but considering there’s not a lot visibly different with the phone. It does more, it’s faster, but we’re at the point where the thing would probably need to turn into a lightsaber that properly made tea to be considered innovative by most these days.

No word on whether there’s a promise for timely updates like they did with the One series, which unless I’m mistaken they’ve generally missed with no consequences.