USB-C with a spoilerBenson Leung is a Google Engineer on a quest to make USB-C right, and he wants you to know that the HTC 10 and LG G5 use non compliant USB-C protocols in order to charge using Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 specs.

The USB-C specs forbid proprietary charging methods above 5 volts, and QQC3 uses 9 and 12 volts when speed charging a device.

This seems to be a case of a product that can do something extra when connected to a charger and has no impact on any device other than itself, but it does mean it’s not truly USB-C compliant. That’s the case even if it does 100% of what USB-C specs call for, but then adds on top of it.

In this case it’s probably harmless as tacking a spoiler on a 93 Toyota Corolla* as the QQC3 voltages only come from a charger, the original spec for the USB-C cables should not spontaneously fall apart or melt at a higher voltage, but it’s there.

*Protip: tacking a spoiler on your car will not make it go faster

So take it as you will – is having a spoiler on your USB-C a flagship killer? Is compliancy your goal or charging your phone up in under an hour? Will this impact Google’s support of the vendors that produce non-compliant hardware? Will something come along that searches for non-compliant devices and refuses to let them interface with it in the future?

For that last one, probably not.

Thanks for sending that in Daniel!