Chrome Beta new buttonIf you had multiple tabs open in Chrome Beta, up until now they were all accessible via the recents button. Chrome Beta updated yesterday and gone is the integration with the system level card deal.

Now if you have 17 tabs open you’ll only see one Chrome tab. Tapping on that brings a slightly redesigned address bar space where if you tap on the number next to the address bar you see a recents menu consisting only of Chrome tabs.

There does not appear to be any option to switch back to the old style that I could find in settings or the flags menu, not that I particularly liked having my tabs spread out across my games, but it is kind of interesting that it’s not a choice, it’s just how it’s going to be.

In my opinion it’s neater and more useful, but I’m also on antihistamines and have slept about two hours last night so there’s that. Also might be why I couldn’t locate anything in the flags/settings menu.

What do you think? Step ahead or shimmy back?

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