htc 10 special

If you’re subscribed to the HTC special deals email you may have found yourself on the HTC 10 pre-orders page a few times looking at the new device which currently has a $100 discount offer. You might have noticed over the past few weeks the unlocked version for AT&T and T-Mobile was available but Verizon and Sprint were listed as coming soon.

Well, Verizon is there for pre-order now, I’ve got an email for $100 off the phone, but there’s no Sprint. Sprint isn’t even listed as a carrier the phone supports on the HTC preorder site. It is, but you’re not preordering Sprint there.

It appears if you’re on Sprint you’re going to be paying full price, as if being on Sprint wasn’t punishment enough. Fortunately Sprint’s got you covered with their extra lucky Friday the 13th full price launch.

Actually skip that, it appears Sprint has an installment billing option that the phone ends up being $624 over the course of two years (probably tax is added on top of that).

Sprint’s press release from April 29th said it was available for order on Sprint’s website, but it appears it’s not as of this writing.