iClever Amazon Deal of the DayWe’ve covered some iClever stuff in the past and judging by my review pile we’ll cover some more in the future, but today there’s a short-lived Amazon Deal of the Day in which several items are deeply discounted.

These include:

  • Wall chargers (USB and USB C)
  • Car chargers
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • BoostCubes (wall charger with a cable, 6 ports)

It appears there’re 10 devices of the iClever brand that are on the deal of the day.

You can get the deal of the day on Amazon by going to Amazon and clicking on Today’s Deals, and theoretically you should be able to see all of the iClever stuff by clicking here.

Anyway, offer is today only, prices look like they’re about 60% of what they regularly are but I didn’t pay too close attention the last review I did.

Passing this along as they’ve been nice to us in the past.