Anker USB-C to Micro USB AdapterIf you’re like me you’ve spent the past few years of Android amassing Micro USB chargers, cables, and devices. With the coming of USB-C phones those might seem like a large pile of tech to chuck into a landfill, or that your USB C phone would be the only device in a sea of electronics using that cable, but thankfully there are Micro USB to USB C adapters out there that will enable you to use your current chargers, sync cables, and some devices.

With my wife’s phone being Micro USB, my tablet, and most of the gadgets I have sitting around the house (portable chargers, headphones, etc) all running Micro USB and good USB C cables costing a bit, there’s an inexpensive option to handle that in the form of a Micro USB to USB C adapter.

I picked up a two-pack of the Anker brand Micro USB to USB C adapters, and other than that they’re pretty easy to lose I’ve once again got quick charging in my car, syncing at my work computer, and can pretty much charge anywhere Android is welcome.

The only thing I’ve not managed to do is get my FLIR One working through the adapter. Not sure if it’s the kernel not working properly or there’s no way, but for $8 the ability to use all of my chargers (portable, wall, solar,) and not have to plunk down more money on unreasonably stiff and sturdy cables (USB C is thick man, it’s thick,) seems a pretty good deal.

As a note, I have nothing particularly for the Anker brand adapters, there’re less expensive adapters out there, these are just what I picked up and they have worked for sync, Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 (not plugged into the 3.0 adapter yet,) and seem to have failed on a USB OTG device I have (although that might just be the kernel of the phone not handling it).